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BLANCHE FURY by Joseph Shearing



Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1939
Publisher: Harrison-Hilton

A fairly finished hand at horror tales, with a good sense of mood, fictionizes an old Norwich crime with all the essentials of melodrama. Bastardy, brooding jealousies and hatreds, revenge and murder are the ingredients -- but the result is not as blatant as it sounds -- and makes holding reading. The story is that of Blanche Fury, arrogant, beautiful, power driven, who comes to stay with her moneyed, landed cousins. Envious and resentful, she falls in with their caretaker, the bastard off-shoot of the original Fury, and together they bring ruin to the Furys, and themselves. Good montage, and substantially built-up characterization to modulate the plot and make it real for the reading.