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JACQUES MARITAIN: The Man and His Achievement by Joseph W.- Ed. Evans

JACQUES MARITAIN: The Man and His Achievement


Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1963
Publisher: Sheed & Ward

Through the pens of his admirers, friends, qualified critics and fellow teachers, Jacques Maritain appears as a legend in his own lifetime. This portrays a striking picture of the pre-eminent modern interpreter of St. Thomas Aquinas. The man and his achievements are fully revealed by such recognized authorities as Yves R. Simon, James Collins, Leo R Ward and many others, as they evaluate the great man's own interpretations and thinking throughout a lifetime of fruitful works as a ""Christian philosopher"". To read the studied appraisals of these men who have known him either personally as friends, students or fellow teachers -- or through his works- as they here acknowledge their debt to him, is a special privilege. For those who have not had ample opportunity to know him before, these writers have provided a monumental contribution to a fuller and quicker appreciation of a great philosopher. His work would live on regardless, but it will have even brighter impact as a result of this achievement.