THE TWELVE SEASONS by Joseph Wood Krutch


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A contemplative country man's calendar, which in its round of the months, ranges from the personal to the universal, the tangibles of the physical world to more doubtful points in the metaphysical. April's spring peeper, May's beetles, June's rains, the static complacency of August and the uneasiness of September, the delight of the first snow in December and the hopelessness of February, these lead to other considerations- on the cruelty (or is it kindness) of nature; on the city man's horror of the country; on the love of animals for humans; on the lack of planning in nature; and particularly on the over-mechanization of man, the tendency of civilization today to move away from nature... An aware and sentient commentary (which is never guilty of sentimentality) offering thoughtful pleasure.

Publisher: William Sloane