MORE LIVES THAN ONE by Joseph Wood Krutch
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If we knew the intellectual history of all the people who have an intellectual history"" as Mr. Krutch avers, we would probably find many striking similarities. This autobiography is an excellent case in point; with a accurate modesty defining himself as ""a minor man of letters"", he has here provided a critical review of his own ideas and opinions which is at the same time a fine history of the American intellectual climate during the past half century. In a leisurely, forthright style he takes us back over his youth in Tennessee; his work as a drama critic for The Nation for nearly three decades; his many years as a professor at Columbia University; years spent in Europe, Connecticut, and New Mexico; and the conception and writing of ""a number of books, some of which enjoyed a modest success"". The highlights are as frequent as they are various, ranging in subject from his coverage of the Scopes trial through a portrait of Russia in the late '20's, and include a great many sketches and anecdotes of the literary, journalistic, and academic greats of the times. Once again, Mr. Krutch has contributed significantly to modern belles lettres.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane