MEXICAN VILLAGE by Josephina Niggli


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Sorry, we thought this was non-fiction, and carded it thus. Now we find that it is a series of ten short stories, built around the people of Hidalgo, in Northern Mexico, and of the Yanqui the outl who serves as bridge to the world. Miss Niggli, herself a Mexican, has -- we feel put the Mexican in an unfavorable light. The stories see to be deliberately """", Hollywood tainted, out of key with the essential quality of the Mexican people and way of life. The plots are tenuous, only regional background and recurrent characters tie the tales together. And there's a distinct undercurrent of near-pornography, unsavory -- and we felt wholly unnecessary. Vivid, crackling, effective in use of background, but in final analysis very unsatisfactory.

Publisher: Univ. of N. Carolina