WOLF! WOLF! by Josephine Bell


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The strangled body of Tan Sunee, a Eurasian nurse, is found in an unused room on the second floor of the Isobel Saunders hospital--money-mad Sunee had used this room as a kind of one-woman brothel. A suspect is quickly arrested: Ali Ahmed, the hospital's Pakistani pharmacist. But elderly Amy Tucker, recovering from surgery, has her own ideas about the murder: she saw two men leaving the scene of the crime--and, riskily working on her own in parallel with the police (Detective Inspector Robertson), amateur sleuth Amy goes after the real killers, uncovering shady building deals, old family secrets, and stormy love affairs. The story's only moderately engaging, and Bell's style is stiff and rather fusty. But the hospital milieu is always a plus in a Bell mystery, and there's a spot of socioeconomic interest in her diatribes against the National Health Service and the general falling-off of standards in jolly old England.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1980
Publisher: Walker