9 CRY-BABY DOLLS by Josephine Berhard


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These adaptations of Polish folk tales into English are helping bridge a gap between children of the two countries, for they are done with a sure touch of awareness of interests common to both nations. This is a somewhat more elaborate tale than previous ones, -- Telus -- a one year old -- cries day and night, and when wrinkled Granny appears and tells Mother what to do about it, she follows instructions. She cuts up the sleave of an old shirt and makes nine cry-baby dolls; she takes them to the market square and them into . And so she throws her troubles into other people's lives. It works as Germany had said it would -- but Mrs. Bartoch is punished for it. A simple warmhearted little story from the original of Jam arcsinska, attractively illustrated in full color by Iroma Lorentowics; Paper and board.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1945
Publisher: Roy