DRIVES MY GREEN AGE by Josephine Carson


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A spring and summer of fierce hunting, wanting, wandering -- and hating -- is 12 year old Chris' who finds traps of anguish in religion, love, school and a realization of an adult world to come. Kansas' turns of seasons underscore an orphan's disassociation with her aunt and ailing uncle, focus her energies on delivering a sermon, concentrate her fascination on the new schoolteacher, Evelyn Bryan, and flay her emotions when her best friend, a year older, goes from pneumonia to consumption. Her so well known world trembles, shatters and almost collapses when she follows Miss Bryan's dismissal of awkward Carveth Baker, while she watches wild Lou Frizell's seduction of her aloof teacher, when she realizes how Uncle Ed's tired heart almost gives out -- and then her scorned Aunt Merle, for all her impatience with ""Addylescence"", comes through to put that world and those lives, which have been changed without their connent, together again. A sense of discovery, a feeling of innocence lost -- with pain and understanding, this is a perceptive, but never a sophisticated, brat whose record is verdant, attuned.

Publisher: Harper