BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS by Josephine Edgar


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Two bright young London things--one tracking a man, the other money--leg it on to love and work in this frail reprise of a 20's flapper flapdoodle romance. By the author of Margaret Normanby (1983) and other cozy period recreations. Instant but unlikely pals are ""coltish"" Helen Redmaine, 25, and equally equine-limbed ""Boots"" Skinner, product of Bell Bow and a super-pro Gold Digger (look but don't touch). Helen, leaving a kindly titled family bosom, ranges on to a commercial ad agency, wows the chief artist, who has qualms, since he's married, however unhappily. Boots, stomping through sugar daddies, falls for Helen's movie-infatuated brother Duncan, reluctant heir to the title. Also on the make is handsome Willy, penniless veteran and a public-school grad. Willy easily seduces the boss's wife and her chubby daughter June. By the close, Helen, June and Boots find their mates and destinies and the sugar daddies dissolve. Edgar's previous heroines, in their corset stays, had more zip; here, in spite of all the swinging chiffon, Boots and her buddies, squeaky clean and unconvincing, just don't cut the mustard.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1986
Publisher: St. Martin's