I AM IN URGENT NEED OF ADVICE by Josephine Lawrence


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A short stay with the Carpenters pokes cheerful fun at most of the placebos we depend on. Grandmother Pauline never takes a step, outside her apartment, without her horoscope; her daughter Elaine consults marriage counselor Mrs. Steckner about Amanda, 14, and is told to concentrate on her husband Kelsey (he's the only phlegmatic one; he doesn't even need hot milk): Amanda writes daily to a columnist for the understanding her parents can't possibly give her; then there's Kelsey's sister, who goes to a psychologist -- she couldn't afford a psychiatrist assorted child guidance lectures, tranquilizers, and even the Bible. During the time here Amanda's withdrawal in stimulated by the death of her best friend; Elaine entertains suspicions and speculations about Kelsey's first fiancee, who is seen around his office; her mother makes the mistake of consulting the stars instead of a doctor; and finally Elaine, aggravated by Mrs. Steckner's increased fees, does it herself, tails her rival for a morning--- to a group therapy session.... Worried You this is better Josephine Lawrence with fewer homilies and funnier moments. Anyway she's an average American taste something like peanut butter.

Pub Date: July 25th, 1962
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World