IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Josephine Lawrence


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What sins are committed? pride, overprotection and a pressure to which both parents and children are unequal. Take (1) Lucy Ames- whose husband is only erratically employed, and who is determined that her Simon, who takes after his father, have a college diploma. He flunks out. Or (2) Fresa, who also slaves to support an invalid husband and a boy in college; he brings a wife home. Or (3) the Healthy Alders who have no tuition problem- but refuse to accept the non-academic leanings of their youngsters. Mrs. Lawrence's lesson can be learned without a degree- and her housekeeping is just as explicit as ever; the woman's work which is never done even with drip dry Swirls and storebought cakes. But her checkerboard alignment and opposition of situations and characters, all in black and white, is orderly and symmetrical. Everyone can feel secure.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1963
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace