SONG IN THE NIGHT by Josephine Lawrence


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To marry (and if so, how young to marry) or not to marry (in the face of war)- this is the domestic dilemma this time, as thought out and played out in the families of the Millers, their offspring and their friends. For Lissa Miller, still unreconciled to the death of Noel, in World War II, is worrying over the draft and the loss of her youngest, Dair, not only to war- but also to Serene, his girl. Overcoming her passive resistance are Dair- and Serene- determined to have a short time together. There is also Janet, who wanted to marry Noel, but had been blocked by her parents and his, who now forgets her bitterness when she meets Owen, a conscientious objector; Owen, who faces a barrage for his beliefs; Jory, Lissa's daughter, who finds that she is childless (a secondary theme) but salves her sorrow with the responsibility of her brother-in-law's brood; a spinster sister, a militant gold star mother, etc. etc.... Again the easy, experienced entertainment which is part soapbox, part soap opera, for a wide women's audience.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1952
Publisher: Morrow