THE GATES OF LIVING by Josephine Lawrence


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... ""have to be opened one by one"", and this is the lesson learned by Drusilla Hall, 21, afraid of a reality which may not equal her trusting expectations.. Living with her mother, a discontented divorcee, and a younger sister Clemmy who is determined to get without giving, Drusilla retreats from the possibility of disillusion by lending a helping hand to other families, and sitting with old women and young children. She also disassociates herself from the promise of happiness offered by Curry (Currant) Bunn- a quiet young man she meets on a vacation; broods unhappily over Clemmy- who marries impulsively and gets a divorce heartlessly; until finally she recognizes the compromise between youthful dreams and experience and is ready to settle for the steady security which Curry Bunn offers her. Again an earnest examination of common denominator dilemmas which might be yours. Rentals.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace