ALL OUR TOMORROWS by Josephine Lawrence


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By the time one generation has learned to stand on its feet.... another generation is needing help"", this is the problem posited in a new novel, and faced by three sisters, Bertie, Thea and Donalda. Together they share Mama, who is pretty difficult to live with; they each have other responsibilities as well. Bertie is cooking for and taking care of her son's wife and child (he died in Korea) and they must also find a place where her eighty year old father-in-law can live. Thea, who wants to work, still must find a way of taking physical care of her dependent in-laws. And Donalda renders tray service to her mother-in-law, who never leaves her room. All three women, caught between two generations, are the victims of a problem which has no answer, and Mrs. Lawrence has structured her novel on a series of situations which anyone can identify- if the old folks are hard to put up with, it's harder to put them away in a home. It's a theme she's handled before- but it's an uncomfortable reminder for anyone past forty- either of things as they are or as they will be.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1959
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace