THERE IS TODAY by Josephine Lawrence


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Again a thesis novel -- and apparently a certain, and large, market, likes to have some lessons wrapped up in stories and packaged this way. In this new novel, Josephine Lawrence defends the young couple of today and attacks the older generation who wont have to fight at the front and talk their way through. Candance and Andrew Thane, very quiet, very young and poised, marry, and move into a four family apartment house, and despite their determination to make the best of what little time they have together before Andy is called up, they face difficulties from intrusive neighbors. Mrs. Fitts and Mrs. Waters try to steamroll them into patriotic organizations; Mr. Waters served in the last war and never forgot it. They all imply that Andy's marriage was mere draft evasion, and that the coming baby is just another ""out"". With patience and dignity, the young Thanes ignore the neighbors, make the most of their year, and Dace has her baby just before Andy is called. Hard, but often just, excoriation of the militant Amazons of the A W V S who buy uniforms and hoard silk stockings, who do all for show and nothing for real charity. Exaggerated, occasionally fact falsifying presentation of a general problem of today, in which she pounds to prove her point -- but proves it.

Publisher: Little, Brown