A TOWER OF STEEL by Josephine Lawrence
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Slight divergence from the theme of her last novel (There Is Today) but once again dealing with women in wartime, -- to marry or not to marry, to have children or to wait. The office staff of a legal firm are the proponents: - Frannie, in her late twenties, saddled by an extravagant mother, living in hopes of winning the attention of one of the firm members; Leis, married, but clinging to parental apron strings, fearful of the uncertainties of her army husband's protection: Thalia, afraid of financial insecurity with Ralph -- but forgetting her fears when she really falls in love: and lastly, Bon, 18, merry and young, on the verge of marrying a sailor but deciding it is better to wait. Headable and rentable.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1943
Publisher: Little, Brown