NO STONE UNTURNED by Josephine Lawrence


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Miss Lawrence gets her knife out for some of the prime offenders against the better standards of life, and then she turns and turns it in the wound. Sometimes she seems to labor her point to an extreme, and this is one of those cases. Here is a man of good intentions, a good husband, a good family man, a man of unimpeachable morals-out he rested on his oars when it came to his job, he ""left no stone unturned"" to see a way to pay his creditors -- eventually, but actually he solved the problem by stuffing his drawer with unpaid bills; he alibied himself whenever duty -- other than to family unessentials -- raised its head, and he drove his long-suffering secretary ""nuts"" -- and brought disintegration into the family he had thought to cement so firmly. And he and his wife and the only child young enough to be victimized reached the end of the story with only a trailer over their heads. We all know his ilk -- but not all of us want to read about him. But she has a wide and admiring market among renters.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1940
Publisher: Little, Brown