THE WAY THINGS ARE by Josephine Lawrence


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No insistence here on a particular prevalent problem, this relaxes on issues, is more lightly geared, and tells of Guenevere, shy, sheltered, and literally out of this world. Left at her grandmother's death with only some antiques, some old-fashioned morals, and a good schooling in housekeeping, Guenevere is taken by her Aunt Willoware, runs her haphazard household which includes her extravagant daughters, a change in husbands, their neglected children, and a veteran (Eus) Taoe Stevens. Afraid to face Life As It Is, and financially harried, Guenevere marries- in name only, rich, old Mr. Fisher who sends her camellias and knitting needles. Immediately aware of her mistake, Guenevere asks for a divorce, is at first refused, and finally secures the annulment which frees her for the more appropriate Tace.... A little extreme maybe- but pleasantly rentable.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1950
Publisher: Whittlesey House