REASON AND RAISINS by Josephine & Richard Aldridge


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The unopened box of raisins remains with Little Fox from beginning to end, but reason is totally absent from his flight on a crow's back, his landing on a fat lady's lap, and his subsequent escape from the fat lady's hound and then a masked weasel staging a hold-up in the woods. As the Aldridges duly report at every turn, the ""real reason"" for any of the characters' statements or actions is never the same as their offered explanation; the whole sequence is an attempt to plumb the absurdities that both children and poets pick up on, but the real reason this hangs together at all is the continuity of the gay and grassy pictures, all overlaid with fine black lines that make each scene ripple with a uniform light.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1972
Publisher: Parnassus Press