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HERE UNTIL AUGUST by Josephine Rowe Kirkus Star


by Josephine Rowe

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-948226-07-3
Publisher: Catapult

Characters in the throes of grief navigate their displacement in this collection of stories.

Taking readers from a small flat in Montreal to the vast dusty spaces of Western Australia, these 10 stories feature characters who are émigrés or travelers, a hybrid, in-between state that mirrors their inner states. In “Sinkers,” a young man returns to his mother’s Australian hometown to spread her ashes, though the town is completely underwater. In another story, a young Frenchwoman whose husband is killed near the Syria-Turkey border starts over in an American city and forms a melancholy relationship with a neighbor’s dog (“Chavez”). For two Australian women, married to each other just 13 days, an American hotel room on a road trip is the site of an argument over which of them should become pregnant in their quest to start a family (“Anything Remarkable”). Even characters grounded in nameless suburbia, like the wife who can no longer hide her revulsion for the much-watched pornographic tape she and her husband made as newlyweds (“Post-structuralism for Beginners”), are facing down a sense of becoming unmoored, caught between where they thought they belonged and an unknowable future. Rowe (A Loving, Faithful Animal, 2017) is a writer of great subtlety, and what could, in lesser hands, be quiet stories from familiar emotional landscapes become revelatory here. Rowe’s shape shifting, capturing the nuances of different nationalities effortlessly, is almost as remarkable as the precise, delicate, and frequently witty prose. As one character says of a pond that has drained away with only its frozen surface remaining: “It is magic in the sense that there is no metaphor you can build out of it that will not undermine its magic.” So, too, with Rowe’s work.

Pitch-perfect examinations of place and psyche from a writer to watch closely.