SUMMER OF DECISION by Josephine Wunsch


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Decisions, decisions: should she accept Kip's ring? will he even offer it again? His slightest slight can send her sulking into the nearest leather arm chair but Vicki suspects Crescent Cove's sailing champ may not be such a winner--no man needs to feel that superior. He bugs newcomer Barney from the start and also turns his affections on and off, according to his needs. Best friend Bonnie just dresses for the occasions (mostly nightly in-crowd gatherings) so she's no help in the understanding department. Vicki is defensive about Kip until the sailor shabbily refuses to give up the cherished cup even when Vicki's contest photos inadvertently reveal he faulted Barney. Her sixteenth summer ends with refusal of the ""steady"" ring and acceptance of a nicer circle of friends. Sometimes the narrator seems most intent on fittings for this Waspy crew; otherwise lightweight.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1968
Publisher: McKay