HOPE FOR MAN by Joshua Loth Liebman


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Joshua Loth Liebman died at the age of forty-one in 1948, only two years after his best-selling Peace of Mind reached the public. The present volume, developed from an outline that indicated his intent and drawn from papers that follow it, is presented as a sequel to that book. His brave voice comes, to the troubled man and woman once again in this legacy. It does not maintain the compelling zeal of the earlier book, nor does it concern itself step by step with all the problems of mankind. It is concerned rather with the relationship of man to his world: it confronts the pessimists with their theories of isolation and touches again and again on the theme of relatedness as the root of love and meaning. Many of the essays are contemplative, reaching back to earlier philosophers as well as assaying recent ones, some shorter pieces glow with high inspirational fervor that reaches the reader. There is a consideration of love in marriage with an addendum, ""Honor Thy Son and Thy Daughter."" Again the findings of depth psychology are applied to man's experience, not so revolutionary a move as it was twenty years ago. Hope for Man thus has less impact than its predecessor, but still has value for today.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster