THE COOL KIDS' GUIDE TO SUMMER CAMP by Jovial Bob & Jane Stine Stine


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Prepare to deal with The Old-Timer, the Prince, the Homesick Kid, the Expert, the Prankster, and, among counselors, the Neatness fanatic (she'll take away points if your mosquito bites aren't lined up) and thÉ Drill Sergeant. The wildLife is not very wild, old horses and gnats being the most common forms, and the only bears near camps are invisible. The real camp sports are food-gobbling, hiding, bragging, towel-snapping, and other such competitive activities. Such minimally funny advice is packaged here along with an update on ""what you missed today on daytime TV,"" ""a complete letter-writing guide"" listing ""every phrase you'll ever need,"" and a more-or-less serious list of extra stuff to take (an almanac, felt markers, extra socks all the same color, something wild and crazy) as well as what not to take--jigsaw puzzles, candy bars (they'll melt), etc. The jokes perhaps qualify as camp humor, a concept comparable to that of military music. A typical joke is ""Did you ever wonder what happens to the left-over papier-mache from Arts and Crafts? Try the mess hall hot cereal in the morning and you'll wonder no more!"" To a non-camper, it's forced and flat.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1981
Publisher: Four Winds