FOREVER FREE by Joy Adamson
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The third book in the Elsa saga -- Born Free and Living Free are now rounded out by Forever Free -- this has an air of joy clouded by the poignance of parting and quietly reveals a great and sacrificial devotion in the face of odds. The first pages are full of the nuances of response between Joy and Elsa and her cubs --Jespah, Gopah and Little Elsa -- as Joy is accepted in the licking order of the pride and lives as a member of Elsa's family. But from Christmas Eva, 1960, there is a shadow in their lives -- the Adamsons have been ordered to remove Elsa and her family from the reserve because her, friendship with them may endanger other human beings. While the Adamsons are away from camp seeking a new home for the family, Elsa languishes and dies, leaving her cubs too young to make their own kills. The Adamsons become their guardians and must lure them away from the native bemas which they are raiding of cows and goats in lieu of wild game. Through untold patience and labor the Adamsons capture the cubs in time to save their lives, but Jespah carries an arrowhead in his rump as a reminder of depredations. They bundle them off to the Serengeti National Park in Tanganyika, where they fight another battle to remain long enough to tide the cubs over into maturity. The last few months are spent searching for the now independent if unready cubs -- hopefully to extract Jospah's arrowhead which may fester and weaken him -- but ultimately they must be left to their own devices in favorable surroundings. The story of a great friendship revealing the possible relationship between the human and the wild, of responsibility taken in its spirit, of Africa's varied fauna as Mrs. Adamson notes them particularly at Serengeti, are all here in affecting detail, and should supplement Mrs. Adamson's direct appeal, in Elsa's name, for the preservation of wild life in suitable sanctuaries.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1963
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World