BORN FREE by Joy Adamson
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Delightfully written and beautifully illustrated with photographs, this book by the wife of the Senior Warden of the Northern Frontier Province of Kenya, like Ride a Rhino by Michaela Denis (Doubleday), (see p. 222) is about African wild life; in particular it is about a lioness, Elsa. Orphaned when her mother was killed, Elsa was only a few days old when the author and her husband adopted her; fed and petted, trained in manners by a rock hydrax named Pati, she grew into a charming household pet, polite to strangers, sharing the author's bed, riding on top of the Landrover, swimming with her family in the Indian Ocean. At the age of three she was returned to the jungle life to which she was born, but for a long time afterwards she returned to call on her human family. Written with humor and sympathy, this book will appeal to lovers of animals and devotees of literate books on wild life, even those lending-library clients who know lions only in zoos.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1960
Publisher: Pantheon