THE TOWER IN THE SKY by Joy De Weese Wehen


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Switzerland and spies are the stuff of this story that blends vacationing with detecting in a readable kind of way. Sixteen year old Terri Monnard, whose parents own an inn at the ski resort of Les Melizes, meets young David Forrest, an American on vacation from the University of Lausanne. Then together, they meet some mysterious happenings. Terri's cousin Felix is a lieutenant in the Swiss Army and an adjutant to her Uncle Henri. They are posted nearby and also mystified by the disappearances and traces that seem to be part of something more than mere felony. The end of their Alpine chase uncovers Eva, the Monnard's maid, who is a Neo-Slavian agent out for a cache that will relieve her country's economic straits. A bit melodramatic but the author's writing stems from an experience with Switzerland and the story has a good good plot.

Publisher: Dutton