BETTER THAN EVER by Joyce Brothers


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It's certainly a relief to learn that our popular psychologists enjoy la dolce vita: if not them, what hope is there for us? In the midst of career and marital doldrums, carting an extra twenty pounds of fat in front of the TV cameras, Joyce Brothers, America's favorite home-screen shrink, went on a diet that ended up doing far more than merely changing her contours. A diet? It was a campaign--slicing thinly sliced bread in half, thinning out whipped butter with air and water, swimming, jumping rope. But every second was worth it: great sex, good health, ego reinforcement. Of course this is working from the outside in, but then, those doctors of the psyche who work from the inside out don't have such spectacular records either. Perhaps the best thing about this personal Brothers' how-to is its completely positive attitude toward crossing that great 40's divide. She's reassuring about menopause and age and she even does a flip-flop on her earlier, more puritanical attitude toward premarital sex (she now feels it's okay for women, but definitely not for men!). Somewhere between Auntie Mame and the Total Woman, the doctor is a lady.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster