A FEARFUL JOY by Joyce Cary


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The author of The Horse's Mouth etc. with another scandalous woman named Tabitha who comes from Frood Green, and although Tabitha hasn't quite the energy and good-natured wickedness of Sara Monday, she is right in there pitching. As a child she is at first undisciplined (giggling too much), and as a young lady she runs away with Dick Bonser- a most uncertain-of-origins young man but very beautiful, and after that it doesn't matter. Dick leaves her on and off again (and once pregnant); she becomes the mistress of Sturges and together with an avant-garde group of poets, writers, artists, they form a magazine. She has a son, John; marries erratic Gallan who makes millions during the war and who gives her a life of luxury. And at the end it's Dick again as they set up in the hotel business. A wild and woolly tale, full of fun, characters who talk your ears off, and Cary's enormous wide open views on art and life. Evenly and well turned, this is for his audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1950
Publisher: Harper