LOLLOPY by Joyce Dunbar


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An appealing story with a plot that's sort of a cross between The Velveteen Rabbit and Blueberries for Sal: Since she's not supposed to go into the woods alone, Sophie takes her toy bunny (Lollopy) with her, but forgets him while she's picking bluebells. Lollopy is discovered by real little rabbits, who take him deeper into the woods (where they're not supposed to go) and drop him after frightening each other with ""Bogey-Rabbit"" stories. Next day, Lollopy's ear is torn--a fox? Mother Rabbit mends him and leaves him by a tree; Sophie and her mother come back, find him, and are puzzled: "" 'Who could have patched him up?' 'And who made him a bluebell chain?' "" Varley's pen-and-watercolor illustrations are a gentle and expressive match for the graceful, economical text.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1992
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Macmillan