THE CRAZY LOVERS by Joyce Elbert


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Incest and murder run rampant through this sickie/funny confection with a soft-porn core; Elbert (The Three of Us) is not untalented in this dubious genre. The story begins in 1945, when Alexis, twelve, and brother Harry, thirteen, are launched out of their small American town as a direct result of some hot, hard copulation on a bearskin rug: their widowed mother catches them at it, has a fatal heart attack, and her will sends Alexis to boarding school in Switzerland while Harry is to stay in the U.S.A. Next seen in 1959, Alexis is a top Paris model angling for married millionaire Ian; and Harry, married to wealthy Lady Sarah, is still devoted to his sis--so he strangles Ian's wife (and also murders an innocent bystander), thus clearing the way for Alexis to marry her millionaire. But in St. Moritz a few years later, Alexis is bored with Ian (whose S-M proclivities consume much thought and energy), and Harry is equally unhappy with his now-crippled Lady Sarah. So: a poisoned quaff puts Sarah away and, with some clever juggling, Ian is framed as murderer and sent to life in prison. Now it's 1975, and can Alexis have really lost forever the hots for Harry? It seems so, since she and her beloved rock singer Tom plan to drown Harry, but when the three march into the sea, guess who is held under. . . ? Alone at last!--but then comes the news that Harry and Alexis are not really siblings but merely cousins: ""WE'VE DONE IT ALL FOR NOTHING!"" shouts Harry, while police listen outside the window. Rate this X for inXcusable or Xtrablack humor--as the mood and your tolerance take you.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1979
Publisher: Rawson Wade--dist. by Atheneum