THE USERS by Joyce Haber
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Joyce Haber as she refers to herself here in case you don't recognize the name is the new ""Hedda Haber"" of Hollywood via her Los Angeles Times column. She knows everybody and everything--except how to write a novel. This is vulgar and mercenary and speaking of users, uses everyone around--like Streisand who's Group B, since she's too rude; or Doris Day (poor Doris sharing the ""toothpick hangout delicatessen with Milton Berle); and pettish but so amusing Rex Reed, as well as the literary superstars, Gore and Norman and Truman. If you don't recognize them by their first names, you shouldn't ask. Anyway the most urgently unimportant character here is Elena, a hostess, who's a gossip-and-people collector. She's seen from her first party to the boring Oscars with a few troubles in between (an alcoholic husband who isn't writing; a man who has some old ex-Berlin porno pictures of her; the Mafia man who buys them back and includes her in the deal). The jetstream sex is endless but who knows, what media and syndicate foreplay will do for her.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Delacorte