LOVE: How to Understand and Enloy It by

LOVE: How to Understand and Enloy It

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This is largely an attempt to compartmentalize love along Freudian lines: mother love is giving; father love is strong; both parents battle their children's Oedipus complexes with assurances that they'll someday have a spouse of their own; and homosexuals--at least in some cases--identify with other men to escape daddy's wrath {in competing for mother). Limp case histories support each scenario: women who choose their mothers over their husbands, or sublimate normal human love to a collection of cats; men with low self-esteem (or ""self-love'). All this seems curiously old-fashioned; boys, for example, are groomed by father for success, while girls are made to feel ""lovable"" and ""attractive."" There's formula stuff for the mature heterosexual relationship, too; the four C's of cognizance (recognizing your love type), communication, commitment, and compromise are dragged out no less than three times. All in all, unsatisfying.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1982
Publisher: Scribners