MY DOG TULIP: Life with an Alsatian by J.R. Ackerley

MY DOG TULIP: Life with an Alsatian

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Alsatian owners may well go mad over this tribute to a particular dog of this special breed. It is the sort of book Alsatian owners may like to give to other Alsatian owners, or non-owners may pick out to give to relatives who are.... Mr. Ackerley is British, but the characteristic coolth of his kind is abandoned in describing Tulip. Hers is a very physical story. From chapter two on, it's toilet training and elimination problems. This may be preferable to what follows.. Mr. Ackerley's efforts to get Tulip mated are deadly serious. These intelligent dogs seem to go very stupid twice a year during their heat seasons and every pregnancy has to be handmade, so to speak. It left him with the passionate conviction that city dogs lead lives of sexual desperation or worse, suffer surgical deprivation. A sort of sex and the single girl dog effort. Minimal information on raising and training; maximal emphasis on a miniscule social issue.

Publisher: Fleet