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Mike Is Missing

by JT Hobbs

Publisher: BookBaby

A group of concerned friends and family searches for a missing fish in this tale of underwater teamwork.

When Mike the pufferfish disappears and his parents realize he left his shell phone at home, the worried couple set out to search the ocean. When they encounter their own friends, a search party soon forms, because “six eyes are better than four!” Each time another fish or sea creature joins the group, the refrain increases, providing youngsters a chance to exercise their counting skills. Once 10-eyed Steve the Sea Star joins the band, Mike is quickly found. His spikes are stuck in coral, and it’s a good thing the adults came to the rescue—and an even better thing that the pufferfish family has such great friends. In this sequel, Hobbs (The Great Pirate Mystery, 2019, etc.) uses simple language and short, repeating sentences that allow children to chime in on the refrain. Readers of Mike’s first adventure (Pufferfish Adventures: Mike Saves the Day, 2019), in which he took center stage, might be surprised that his parents are the main characters here. But fans will be relieved to see Mike’s safe return at the end. Mike’s observations about the crew that came to his rescue illuminate the theme of teamwork and friendship with absolute clarity. (The illustrations were not available for this review.)

This tale’s focus on friendship—and safe behavior—offered from two parents’ perspectives has plenty of appeal for kids.