WOULD THE BUDDHA WEAR A WALKMAN? by Judith & Dick Teresi Hooper


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A humorous, informative tour of the worm of ""Consciousness Tech""--the authors' coinage for ""a quiet revolution in mind expansion, altered states, and spiritual self-improvement. . .Consciousness Tech is based on a marriage of Western technology and the superior spiritual 'technology' of the East."" Covered here, with lavish explanations and interviews with inventors and practitioners, are brain-stimulation machines, mind-expanding computer software, various alternative therapies, ""instant nirvana"" tapes, courses in shamanism, cosmic vacations, and much more, complete with ordering or ""access"" information. Former Omni editors and coauthors of The Three Pound Universe ((1986) Hooper and Teresi bring a light but enthusiastic touch to this encyclopedic survey of the cutting edge of the New Age, offering a volume that's fun to browse through and that concludes with a reasoned forecast of the future of Consciousness Tech--including brain-implanted bio chips, memory transplants, ""nirvana drugs,"" and, for the ultimate in coffee, beans laden with ""cleaned up"" caffeine that will bind to the brain's alertness centers without jittery side-effects.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1990
Publisher: Simon & Schuster