KNEAD IT, PUNCH IT, BAKE IT! by Judith & Evan Jones Jones


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A starter sampling of bread recipes (34 in all)--ranging from plain white bread, French bread, whole-wheat bread (really half whole wheat, half white), and oatmeal bread through some more cake-like fruit breads and muffins, and on to dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and pizza. Though most entries--popovers, challah--are presented in basic, traditional recipes, the Joneses haven't taken pains to offer the classic recipe for every bread. Rather, they seem interested in varying loaf shapes (among the free-est are ""bubble bread"" and sculpted dough animals) and ingredients--so that the rye bread here (really half rye, half white wheat flour) contains grated orange rind, for example. (The pumpernickel is darkened by adding wheat bran and whole wheat to the rye and white flour, whereas the real old-country pumpernickel used whole rye.) With very little cultural or scientific background, then, and in fact some confusion, as between the husk and the bran of a wheat kernel, this is strictly a how-to. As such, it offers an enticing selection, with easy-to-follow directions and helpful drawings.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1982
ISBN: 690-04134-9
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell