NEVER TOO RICH by Judith Gould


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A hard-cover debut by Gould, author of a number of big-selling paperbacks (including Sins), in which New York's garment industry is stalked by a psychotic killer and a whole cast of greedy, disagreeable characters. There's Edwina G. Robinson, for instance (""Everything about her was challengingly cosmopolitan""), our heroine and a V.P. of designer Antonio de Riscal's fashion empire until she gets passed over for promotion--a mini-tragedy that propels her to start a clothes company of her own. And what about Antonio himself (""Why couldn't his libido shape up?""), whose homosexual leanings might have got him into a lot of trouble were it not for his own personal scandal sanitation crew--i.e., his wife, Anouk, a society darling with ""the heart of a street fighter and soul of a drag pusher."" Meanwhile, Edwina has a teen-age daughter, Hallelujah Cooper, and two concurrent beaux--Boston department-store owner R.L. Shackleford and Wall Street tycoon Leo Flood. But in the months before Edwina's new line debuts, a killer who refers to herself as ""Miss Bitch"" begins stabbing and scalping New York's top cover-girls--which poses a problem for Edwina when her firm's model becomes Miss Bitch's next prospective victim, and both Edwina and Hallelujah get in the way. Suffice it to say that the psycho turns out to be someone you'd never guess, largely because no clues have been laid to point the way. Still, with its sex, glitz, and violence quotient met in almost every chapter, this appeals in a lowest-common-denominator sort of way.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1990
ISBN: 0011119071
Publisher: Dutton