DAZZLE by Judith Krantz
Kirkus Star


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A drizzle of dazzle that has it all, Krantz-wise: plot (creaking), sex (frequent, hard-working, with follow-the-dot detail), and clothes (fantastic). This lime the bouncy, beautiful, give-'em-hell perky kid is Jazz, daughter of ranch-owner Mike Kilkullen and a deceased Swedish actress. Mike's enormous California spread has gilded developers licking their chops, while his first (divorced) wife, porcelain, poisonous Liddy from Old Family Philly, and Jazz's half-sisters--Valerie the talentless decorator, and the much-married Fernanda, constantly in search of the ""Big O""--can hardly wait until the ranch money comes to them. Jazz herself, a top celeb and advertising photographer, was dumped at the altar by famous photojournalist Gabe, with whom she traveled the world and who was the First, ""with a great scream of ravening triumph."" Now comes Casey Nelson, Mike's new Cow Boss. They row, but a date with him denudes the closet. For a start, ""she had to dive into total Chanel,"" but she ends with a forest-green sequined miniskirt and organza blouse, a dark green blazer, high-heeled black pumps and ""chunky glass earrings"" costing a thou from Yves Saint Laurent. There are similar total ""images"" throughout. At the close, after Mike's death, there's also something about an ancient land grant and a happy solution to the econo-ecological bother. Swags of glittery stuff--sex, clothes, and money--that will decorate drag-store and airport displays for months to come.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1990
ISBN: 0553293761
Publisher: Crown