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The glittery new frock in Krantz's own extensive collection (Scruples Two, 1992, etc.) is a romp-for-all-seasons (not just spring)--an in-depth probe into the behind-the-scenes world of high fashion, with plenty of forays into satin-sheeted beds and the hidden pleasures of the city of lights and love. The spring '95 collections in Paris are the setting for this latest foray into riches, romance, and illicit rendezvous, with the focus on the collection of unknown but extremely promising designer and world-class seducer Marco Lombardi. Marco is being backed financially by international mogul Jacques Necker. When Necker holds a contest to select three new models for his prot‚g‚'s premier collection, three of Justine Loring's clients are chosen. Although Justine, a beautiful ex-model herself, has made a small but unequivocal success of her Manhattan agency, it shocks the fashion world when her ""girls"" dominate the contest. Coincidence? Hardly. Turns out that Justine is actually Necker's long-lost daughter and that Necker has invented the whole contest as a device to get in touch with his only child, whom he's never met. A resentful Justine thwarts Necker's manipulations by sending her models--the blond and pristine April, unpredictable redhead Tinker, and elegant African-American Jordan--to Paris with her associate Frankie Severino as a chaperon instead of herself. Once in Paris, April's sexuality, Tinker's emotional fragility, and Jordan's quest for a lover with a mind and body equal to her own take a backseat only to Frankie's own budding romance with a major-magazine photographer. Back in the States, alone, a vulnerable Justine is left to wonder whether she's made the right choice by shutting her father out of her life, until, of course, she too finds the love she's been waiting for . . . . Par for Krantz's own diamond-encrusted runway.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1996
ISBN: 0553561367
Page count: 368pp
Publisher: Crown