THE MONEYMAN by Judith Liederman


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A hard-working first novel about an upwardly mobile Jewish family from the Twenties through the Forties. The family's prime mover is Aaron, who makes it big by acquiring and promoting coat-checking concessions in Manhattan's bright-lights emporiums. Aaron is tough, quick, and determined to escape his Brooklyn home of dour siblings and defeated parents. Lovely Eve Levinson, represents to him the beauty and delicacy missing in his life--and, once married, Eve, the fragile and romantic, and Aaron, the moneyman, are bound to make one another thoroughly miserable. While Aaron gambles and wins in the big time, brushing fenders with Mafia men, Billy Rose, and loose women, Eve--hated by Aaron's family--becomes increasingly shrill and irrational. On and on they bicker; it's like listening to a summer Sunday night in a housing project. Their daughter, Jenna, the Princess, whose love for a G.I. withers after the war, falls in love with Jason, her father's married partner. But alas, that can never be, and Jenna ponders a life without love. The author has faithfully recorded some of the artifacts and manners of the time, so, although the characters seem somewhat spiritless, you may want to follow along for old times' sake.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1978
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin