DECEPTIONS by Judith Michael


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A strenuously inventive, big-budget, VO-5 romance about a pair of ""vividly beautiful"" identical-twin sisters--one's a career princess, the other's a humble housewife--who change places. Sabrina and Stephanie, children of an American diplomat, had the same posh upbringing. And Sabrina is now Lady Longworth (though divorced from her titled playboy husband), with a satisfying career running a London antique gallery and decorating stately homes. But Stephanie is bogged down in Evanston, Ill., with molecular-biologist/teacher Garth and two children. Moreover, both sisters are unhappy. Stephanie's life is a grind, since Garth just can't seem to unspiral himself from the thrills of DNA to hustle for more money. And Sabrina, who's in a tizzy about whether or not to marry millionaire Brazilian Antonio, has (unwittingly) been selling fraudulent art objects--a potential scandal. So, when the sisters meet in Shanghai, they decide it would be great fun to escape for a week into the other's life. Sabrina, now in Evanston, is enchanted with housewifery, loves the kids, and Garth attracts her (it's a chore keeping him away from the bedroom). Stephanie, now ""Lady Longworth,"" is learning fast in Sabrina's elegant digs. And when Sabrina breaks her wrist, the change-back is delayed: Stephanie, hardly heartbroken, glides into the business, even does some decorating, straightens out one of Sabrina's friends, and doesn't say no when mysterious millionaire Max invites her for a cruise on his yacht; Sabrina becomes a bewilderingly wonderful wife and mother, surrendering to Garth. But what will Sabrina do when Max's yacht explodes and Stephanie is killed? Well, after helping Garth through a scandal, she tearfully cops out for London, not able to confront him. . . until the truth finally blinks on in Garth's noble head. (So there's a happy ending with a very quiet wedding planned.) Glossily seamless nonsense, headed for serializations, paperbacks--and probably (most suitably) a TV-movie.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1982
Publisher: Poseidon/Pocket Books--dist. by Simon & Schuster