ALCOHOL: What It Is, What It Does by Judith S. Seixas

ALCOHOL: What It Is, What It Does

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Like other books for somewhat older readers, this mixes alcohol information (cautionary and otherwise) for potential drinkers with advice and assurance for those with alcoholics in the family. Drunkenness, hangovers, the ""sickness"" of alcoholism, and how alcohol moves through the body are briefly discussed, a few facts are listed (100 Proof means 50% alcohol) and fallacies refuted (coke and aspirin don't make you drunk). The illustrations, the fizz in the cocktail, mix mod cartoons, see-through bodies (pill-ad style), runny spills and drips, framed messages and incorporated words, and a peculiar long-nosed animal whose role changes from page to page. But the practicality of a book on alcohol at this level is open to question, and so is the expectation that, since ""now you know about alcoholic drinks,"" you'll bear it in mind ""when the time comes"" to choose. As Sexias says, you'll have to decide.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1977
Publisher: Greenwillow/Morrow