SOMEONE SPECIAL by Judith Saxton


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Another treacle pudding featuring period flutterings of the heart from veteran romancer Saxton (The Blue and Distant Hills, 1994, etc.). Here, three English girls -- one rich, one working class, and one none other than the present queen-in-the-pod -- are all born on the same day in 1926, grow up, and find True Love. Nell is the daughter of young Hester, who's married to stalwart Matthew, worker for wealthy Mr. Geraint, inheritor of a decaying Welsh castle, Pengarth. Hester hires on at the castle as a char to supplement the family income, only to discover that Mr. G. is none other than the lustful ""John"" who had once led her thrillingly down the primrose path. Whose little girl is Nell? Hester's not sure. The rich lass is Anna, whose parents are womanizing J.J. and beautiful Constance. Alas, Constance is but one of her husband's conquests, and Anna's childhood is shadowed by Mother's misery. Up, up to the Palace, where Elizabeth and sister Margaret Rose are lovingly tended by a nurse and later governess. Elizabeth is (and actually probably was) a model child, and the princesses' doings and chirpings will seem familiar to those who remember the worshipful tabloids of the times. Back to Nell, who's forced to flee Matthew with her mother to join a carnival, where Hester becomes a snake charmer. (Matthew, see, had exploded with wrath and threats when Geraint...well, never mind.) Eventually, Nell and Anna, as young adults unknown to each other, will be attracted to the same man, who proposes to both. In the end, all the young women -- and Hester and Constance too -- will find happiness. Anglophilic romance fanciers can lean back, soak, and enjoy.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1995
Page count: 544pp
Publisher: St. Martin's