A FALL OF PRINCES: Vol. III of Avaryan Rising by Judith Tarr

A FALL OF PRINCES: Vol. III of Avaryan Rising

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Third and most substantial entry in Tarr's disappointing trilogy. Here, Sarevan, the wandering son of the Emperor Mirain the Sunborn, rescues injured Hirel and nurses him back to health; young Hirel, the heir to the rival Golden Empire, has escaped the clutches of his usurping bastard brothers. Later, Sarevan is grievously wounded and loses his magic powers after having been drawn into a trap; Hirel now saves Sarevan. Their constant personality clashes mask a real and growing affection. Then, however, Mirain reveals his plans to conquer the Golden Empire. Hirel vows to resist, and a bloody and debilitating war looms. So the sorcerers gather and come up with a better idea: if Sarevan were a woman, she could then marry Hirel, and their heir would bloodlessly rule both empires! Thus, handsome Sarevan becomes beautiful Sevayin. Still in the offing: more struggles, betrayals, magical battles, and a confrontation between Mirain and Orsan, the Red Prince. Mirain agrees to retire into sleep, to waken only when some future world has need of his extraordinary powers. All in all: the best of the three (In the Hall of the Mountain King; The Lady of Han-Gilen), with solid characters, tantalizing plots, and satisfying sorceries.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1988
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's