THE ART OF BEING A GIRL by Judith Unger Scott


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KIRKUS REVIEW presented here as such a tedious, constantly time-consuming business, that even the most ardent primpers would have a rough time following the countless plans. Problems of noses, and knock knees, pimples and posture, freckles and flab, etc. are breathlessly approached, solved, and discarded by the author. The tone of instruction is annoying; the reader is continually reminded that she is a girl-- a lovely flower (or can be if she is willing to devote herself almost solely to herself). The guide to exercises is outdated; the old bounce- roll method is used. Advice about etiquette and wardrobe is also tossed in. In the end, it may be said that the author has missed almost nothing, but has presented almost no helpful -- or new-- information, in this woman's magazine approach to beauty care. A more concise, less pernickety guide would be more realistic and useful.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1963
Publisher: Macrae Smith