ARE THOSE ANIMALS REAL? by Judy & Ginny Johnston Cutchins


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Kids are apt to be both disappointed and awed to learn that many of the animats in museum exhibits aren't even stuffed specimens, they're models. The attraction of Cutchins and Johnston's book is, first, in the variety of examples they present: a gorilla replicated by taxidermy, three extinct perigrine falcon chicks retrieved from an alcohol jar (and mounted, amazingly, with a mother peregrine found in another jar), a rubber snake made from a plastic mold, a shark replica of fiberglass, a moth treated with preservative, a tarantula encased in plastic, a dinosaur skeleton replica. In each instance, moreover, photos were taken throughout the process--some by Cutchins, some by others--so the steps can be closely followed. The concluding chapter briefly describes the preparation of a diorama. The painstaking recreations, meticulously explained, are a lesson in themselves.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1984
Publisher: Morrow