HOW TO LOVE A NICE GUY by Judy Kuriansky


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Why successful career women have a hard time finding ""Mr. Right,"" and what they can do about it. Kuriansky (Sex. . .Now That I've Got Your Attention, Let Me Answer Your Questions, 1984) contends that high-powered women tend to have a too-limited ""mental checklist"" of attributes that make for desirable men. Women who limit their search to men who are ""rich, powerful, gorgeous, fabulous in bed, etc."" are unlikely to find their ""dream man"" or are doomed to a series of unsatisfactory encounters with narcissists, lotharios, or dominating types. These women heed to expand their checklist to include men with the qualities that provide the glue for enduring, satisfactory relationships: ""caring, warmth, mutual interests,"" etc. Kuriansky also suggests that women open their minds to ""marrying down"": to considering lower-paid professionals, blue-collar workers, struggling artists. She supplies numerous quizzes and even calls for making drawings of one's relationships with parents and lovers to shed light on the familial, societal, and emotional factors that inhibit the search for love. Her behavior-modification program includes techniques for broadening one's mind-set to expand the pool of ""acceptable"" men, to stop associating sex with power and money, and to start thinking that ""nice guys"" can be sexually attractive. Sparkling prose, illuminating (if somewhat overwindy) contents: a feasible Rx for lovelorn women.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1990
Publisher: Doubleday