SUSAN AND GORDON ADOPT A BABY by Judy & Tony Geiss Freudberg


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Both adoption and sibling rivalry are discussed in this latest entry in the series of bibliotherapeutic picture books derived from Sesame Street. Big Bird is excited when Susan and Gordon announce the imminent arrival of Miles, the baby they are adopting. But when the baby, who appears to be six months old, arrives, Big Bird's efforts to help are gently rebuffed as more hindrance than not, and he has a momentary feeling of rejection. All is quickly solved when he helps cheer up Miles in time for a snapshot and, as the book closes, plans are being made for lots of fun now that a baby is on Sesame Street. Although adoption is simply explained, the focus here is on the problems a preschooler might have with a new member of the family who happens to be adopted (problems which turn out to be similar to those experienced with any new sibling). As with most Children's Television Workshop titles, the text and illustrations are utilitarian, feature cosily familiar characters, but are not particularly inspiring. A useful title for those families and institutions which might want to combine the ideas of adoption and sibling rivalry into one explanation for the very youngest.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1986
Publisher: Random House