THIN WITHIN by Judy Wardell


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Self-assessment and behavior-mod tips, progress charts, and handy aphorisms: all grouped to get overweight persons to think differently about food. Wardell, a co-founder of the trade-marked Thin Within diet-advice-and-support groups, has distilled the keys to weight mastery into eight points: eat only when hungry, in a calm environment, only when body and mind are relaxed, only the food and beverages one's body loves, while paying attention only to one's food, slowly savoring each bite--and ""stop before my body is full? This designed to reaquaint the body with the physical feelings of hunger and satiety. And that's the whole plan--the rest is tools to achieve the proper mind-set. Along the way Wardell offers lots of booster shots: ""If you're not hungry and you want to eat. . . it's a sign that you're avoiding something or that something in your life is not supporting you."" Harmless encouragement.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1985
Publisher: Harmony/Crown