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Magazine articles, lectures and even moving pictures may have made the Mannix-styled actual history-ing familiar to quite a few but many more will discover a great deal of entertainment. In the curious goings-on this husband and wife traveling team stir up. For in these twelve years of marriage, Jule discovers that she can take care of eagles, a cheetah, assorted small pets; can cope with pneumonia-producing Capri weather and housing; can go all out for an African expedition (in connection with Hunter) and can really mean it when who says goodbye to her dreams of an acting career. And that she can get along with a husband whose writing and love of animals impose strange and unexpected demands. The bald and golden eagles lead them to Mexico and, in turn, to manta and diving ducks; the cheetah's hunting in the west, to California; there are bats and their caves to be investigated; there's the story of Grace Wiley and her remarkable ability with snakes which led to tragedy; and there are the rhino, hippo and elephants and lions which John Hunter and others showed them in Africa. This is careening careering that's fun and free from the workaday, humdrum world.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1954
Publisher: Simon & Schuster